Annual Fundraiser returns for another year of fun in Glasgow’s East End.

The Michael O’Donnell Fun day is one of the most anticipated events of the year in the Glasgow East social calendar.

The fun day was started in memory of the local schoolboy who was killed in a car collision in 2002. The family and friends of Michael O’Donnell wanted to use this day as a celebration and also to help raise money for various charities. Now on its 16th year, the day is something that many people look forward to every June.

Amber Lennon and her family are East End Locals who have attended nearly every one of the events and believe that the day is a great thing for the East End, she said “The Michael O’Donnell Day is something that everyone looks forward to all year, people go and buy new outfits, get hair and makeup done and really go all out for this day. It’s a really great thing for the East End because it brings everyone together and helps to raise money for some really great charities like the Marie Curie Hospice and loads more”.

The Fun Day is held at the Vale of Clyde Football Grounds in the Tollcross Area of the East End and the day starts off with a charity football match then later on a DJ, Face Painters, Games, Raffles and many more fun things.

The Michael O’Donnell Fun Day is for anybody of any age and has become somewhat of a tradition for young and older people alike. In 2019 the event raised over £12,000 for a vast amount of different charities and had many people on social media crowning it ‘The Best Day of the Year’.

The Michael O’Donnell Day is truly one of the crowning jewels of the east end and will continue being so for many more years to come.

Young aspiring creators on track to design a more stylish east end.

The Instagram obsessed generation can be thanked for dragging us out of the ugg boot, low waisted, skirts and leggings days full of more than questionable fashion trends.

In place of the velour covered trends of the early to late 2000’s has come the street and athlesuire style of clothing. The streetwear trend has completely taken over and even in places like the East End young people can be found dressed head to toe in designer streetwear brands like supreme, a bathing ape, off white and many others.

In trying to keep up with these trends young people have taken some notes from these designer streetwear brands and have began to produce their own streetwear brands at prices they know their peers will love and most importantly be able to afford.

Mostro Clothing is another streetwear brand to emerge from Glasgow’s East End. Mostro was the brain child of a group of four friends who just wanted to give their ‘daft idea’ of breaking into the Glasgow fashion scene a chance. They produce quality clothing with indepentent and orginal designs. Only recently launching they have gained a following of young and fashionable followers on their various social media platforms. They look set to take off as a brand to watch as their designs are unique, stylish and take inspiration from the city around them. Mostro Clothing’s collection starts from £15.

The independent streetwear scene is big business in urban areas like London and it appears it has made its way to Glasgow’s East.

These young people taking their future into their own hands are not only encouraging other young entrepreneurs to give owning a business a go they are doing it with a professionalism and style that makes it something to be admired.

Camera ready and coin crunching in the Capital.

While I love living in Glasgow sometimes it’s nice to get out there and see what other places have to offer. Edinburgh, while it’s an extremely beautiful and busy city it just, doesn’t have that same spark that makes Glasgow so great and here’s why.

While Edinburgh has an abundance of places to go and things to see it costs an excessive amount of money. A single entrance to The Edinburgh Dungeons will set you back around a freighting £23 (I mean we still paid it but we did have a mumble about it afterwards), A ride on the Christmas markets Ferris wheel that’s £10 a pop. Fancy a night out, a vodka and mixer in a club like Espionage are a jaw-dropping £4.20. While I can admit Glasgow has its pricer pubs and clubs £4.20 for a vodka is daylight robbery! People from the east end while we are generous we really love a good bargain and can sometimes be a bit tight with our cash so forking out for some of these expenses left us feeling quite wounded.

The best part about heading to the capital for the day, however, is the fact you get to wear your prettiest day outfits. I am sure a lot of your east end folk will agree that when you go to the capital you better be looking your best because with out a doubt your photos will be plastered all over your own and your friends social media pages an hour after you get home, here are some of the outfits our east end girls wore on their day out in Edinburgh.

Red jumper-Zara, Black Jeans- Topshop, Shoes- Converse, Bag-Love Moschino
Black Back to the Future Jumper-Zara, Jeans-Topshop, Shoes- Primark

Jacket-Matalan, Top- H&M, Skirt- Boohoo, Shoes- Vans, Bag- Love Moschino

While it’s lovely getting away sometimes, nowhere feels quite like home like the east end. Stay tuned.