East End Locals start petition to save popular pool from Council cutbacks.

The Whitehill swimming club which has been around since 1977 began this petition when it was discovered that Glasgow City Council said that closing the popular pool house would be a ‘option” for saving the council money.
The huge 200 community members within the Whitehill Swimming Club are encouraging members of their local community to come forward and sign their petition in order to save an important part of Dennistoun’s past.
A spokesperson for the swimming club called upon the internet for support when posting the petition saying, “while these are only options at this stage Whitehill Swimming Club is anxious about the future of the pool and as such, the club itself.”
Members of the swimming club claim that the club has always been a vital resource to not only Dennistoun locals but children and adults from all across the city who come in to enjoy the facilities.

The petition posted by the group was posted two days ago and has just over 2000 signatures and the club is encouraging the public to come along to a meeting at Dennistoun Library on January 8th at 7pm to share their thoughts and feelings about this proposal with three of their local councillors.
If you would like to know more or even to just support you local clubs and leisure centres please go along to the Dennistoun community council meeting in Dennistoun Library, 2A Craigpark, Dennistoun, G31 2NA and sign the petition here.

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