Winter Garden closure causes tension between Glasgow MP’S.

Previously there was doubt whether or not the Peoples Palace would be open to the public ever again due to the state of disrepair it had fallen into but luckily the £350k worth of renovations that were needed on the landmark were approved by Glasgow City Council.

However, there may be one place within the palace that we may not see again for quite a while and that is the Winter Gardens.

When visiting the Peoples Palace, the place that I remember most fondly is the amazing Winter Garden which was host to thousands of tropical plants and a heat that someone from Glasgow would surely never experience anywhere else in the city or the country for that matter.

However apparently the costs to maintain the tropic climates needed for these plants was too much for Glasgow City Council who according to MP Paul Sweeny have switched off the heating systems within the Winter Gardens which will kill off all of the plants in an act of ‘civic vandalism’.

This tweet was challenged however by SNP Leader Susan Aitken who accused the MP for Glasgow North East of ‘making things up’.

The two contradicting arguments has left the public a little confused weather or not to expect the beautiful tropic gardens when the Peoples Palace and Winter Gardens open in Easter 2019.



One thought on “Winter Garden closure causes tension between Glasgow MP’S.

  1. Anabel @ The Glasgow Gallivanter says:

    The Winter Gardens have to close because the Victorian infrastructure needs extensive repair. As a consequence, the People’s Palace has to close temporarily because it’s fire exits currently open into the gardens and have to be rerouted. I’ve read that the tropical plants have been transferred to the Botanic Gardens to be looked after there. Hopefully all will therefore survive until the Winter Gardens can be fixed!


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